The Jameson Family at Lime Ridge, PA

Lime Ridge (formerly known as Centre),Columbia County, Pennsylvania. Photos of Temperance Inn built by Daniel Jamison (Jameson) in 1842 and the Methodist Cemetary where most of the Jameson's were layed to rest.

Temperance Inn built by Daniel Jamison in 1842

Temperance Inn
Lime Ridge Cemetery
Benjamin F. Jamison, great grandfather of Richard A. Jameson
Daniel Jamison, great great grandfather of Richard A. Jameson and father of Benjamin F. Jamison
Betty J. Griffith
Celestia Adeline Jameson
Charles M. Griffith
Charles W. Jameson
Anna Mariah Jamison, wife of Daniel Jamison
Judith Jamison
Mary C. Jamison
Fallen markers
Agnes Jameson Anna Griffith
Side view of Temperance Inn
Above are photos of the Daniel Jameson family home (and former Temperance Inn) in Lime Ridge, PA  


Albion B. Jameson, post civil war member of the Cosmos Club in Washington, D.C.

Daniel and Judith Jameson with their daughter Celestia.


Pictures of the 2 sons of Dr. James Jameson of Allentown: left 2 pictures of James (Jacobus) Jameson;
right 2 pictures of Daniel Jameson

Mae Jameson, daughter of Albion B. Jameson and sister of Consul Jay Paul Jameson




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