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Exerpts from the book "Jamesons in America"

No. 444.
1 ' ' *
David Jameson, parentage unknown, was born in Scotland. He emigrated to America about 1740, landing in Charleston, S. C. He settled in York, Pa. He married, 1766, Elisabeth Davis, daughter of Thomas Davis, of York, Pa., where they resided, but later removed to Shippensburg, Pa., where Dr. Jameson died about 1800. Mrs. Jameson was married again, and died about 1822.
Robert [445]. He went South.
Ann [446], b. 1768; m. 1788, tjamet Crawford, m. aCW. Perry; d. 1838.
DAVID [447], m. Sarah Culbertson, d. 1823.
James [448], b. 1771; m. Eliiabeth Myers; d. March 19, 1831.
Thomas [449], m.' ffahn; m. *Mrs. AfcCMian; d. 1838.
Horatio Gates [430], b. 1778; m. Aug. 3, 1797, ^Catharine Shevell; m. 1852, -Mrs. Hannah C. D. (Pearson) Ely.
Cassandra [451], m. Culbertson.
Henrietta [459). m. Feb. i, 1805. Arthur O'Hara.
Emily [453], m. James Culbertson.
Rachel (454], m. Match 26,1814, Samuel Barr.
Ji Isehi [455], m. Lydia Stewart.
Omelia [456], bapt. Nov. 18, 1800. She probably died in infancy.

Mr. Jameson, as stated by his son. Dr. Horatio Gates Jameson, in a written sketch of his father's life, was a graduate from the medical department of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He practised his profession in York, and as late as 1796, in Shippensburg, which is the oldest settlement in Cumberland Co.. Pa. He was an officer in the Provincial forces of Pennsylvania, between May, 1757, and 1760, holding commissions of captain, brigade major, and lieutenant-colonel, serving in the Colonial wars against the French and Indians. He was commissioned also as colonel in the militia of Pennsylvania, in the war of the Revolution, and it is said served under Washington in the battles of Princeton and Monmouth, a part -of the time acting as a surgeon in the army. These various military commissions, much worn and obliterated by time, are in the possession of Gen. Horatio Gates Gibson, of the U. S. army, now of Washington, O. C., a great-grandson of Col. David Jameson, M. D. Under date of Dec. 31, 1776, the committee of York Co. wrote to the Committee of Safety in Philadelphia, Pa., as follows:—
' In these times of Difficulty several gentlemen have exerted themselves much in the Grand Cause "*».< xhe gentlemen who deserve the most from the publick are David Jameson, Hugh Denwoody, Charles Lukeits and Mr. George Eichelbtrger. They have been exceedingly useful."
Dr. Jameson came from Scotland in company with a friend, also a young surgeon,* Dr. Hugh Mercer, afterward the distinguished General Mercer of the Continental army, who fell at Princeton. As showing the sen-ice rendered and the esteem in which Dr. Jameson was held, there are many papers referring to him in the Colonial Archives -of Pennsylvania, e. g., a letter from Horace Hamilton to Capt. Potter, dated, ' Fort Littleton, April 4, 1756 .... we have sent an express to Fort Shirley for Dr. Mercer, supposing Dr. Jamieson is killed or mortally wounded in the expedition, he being not returned—" "Capt. Jameson is a gentleman of education, does his duty well and is an exceedingly good officer." Col. David Jameson had commanded at Fort Hunter, Fort Augusta, Fort Aughwich, and was at the battle of Loyal Hanna, March 14, 1769."
Col. Jameson held by executive appointment various civic offices in the county of York, Pa. He was appointed justice of the peace, Oct., 1764, and June, 1777, and had a special commission to try certain offenders, etc.
There is an accredited family tradition that Dr. Jameson, the young man from Scotland, in 1740, was a descendant of the "Campbell Clan" and a nephew of the Duke of Argyle, a sister's son.
Mrs. Jameson was the eldest daughter of Thomas Davis of York, Pa. She had two sisters and one brother. After Dr. Jameson's death Mrs. Jameson married * Col. George Irwin, a merchant of York, Pa., where they resided. Col. Irwin was one of the deputies from York to the Provincial Convention in Philadelphia, Jan. 23-28, 1776. He was the owner of the property on the southwest corner of Main and Beaver streets, known as Irwin's Comer, and opposite the National Hotel, York, Pa. He was a man of considerable wealth. His will was probated April i, 1812. Mrs. Irwin, according to records, prior to May 3. 1803, removed with her family to Frank- linton, now Columbus, Ohio. She married April 19, 1815, *Col. Robert Culbertson, a gentleman of wealth and distinction, who had removed, previous to Sept. 25, 1807, from Franklin Co., Pa., to Franklin Co., Ohio, and purchased lands situated on both sides of the Scioto river. He was an elder and prominent member of the First Presbyterian church of Columbus (Franklinton), and signed the call Sept. 5, 1807, to Rev. Dr. Hoge, of Richmond, Va., to become its pastor. At one time the Jameson and Culbertson families constituted about half the congregation. It is now one of the most wealthy and influential churches in the city of Columbus.
Col. Culbertson's will was offered for probate March 14, 1820. He had children by a previous marriage. Mrs. Culbertson survived her husband two or three years.
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No. 446.
Ann Jameson (David1), daughter of David [444] and Elizabeth (Davis) Jameson, was born in 1768. in York, Pa. She married, 1788, 'James Crawford, then removed from York, Pa., to Strasburg, Va., and later, 1807, to Franklin ton, Ohio, where Dr. Crawford died March, 1812. Mrs. Crawford married * Col. Perry of Zanesville, Ohio, where they resided. Col. Perry died prior to 1825. Mrs. Perry died, 1838, in Columbus, Ohio.
David Jameson, b. Feb. 15, 1790; m. 1822, Eliiabttk Goo; d. Oct. 25, 1846.
Elizabeth, b. Dec. 13, 1791; m. Adam Brothtrliu; d. 1857.
James. He died young.
Thomas. He died young.

Mr. Crawford was a merchant of York, Pa., but later became a physician. Mrs. Perry, after her husband's death, returned to Columbus, Ohio, and made her home with her daughter, Mr*. Brotherlin. The children were of the first marriage.
David Jameson Crawford, the oldest son, married a daughter of Robert Gaw, of Woodstock, Va., where they resided. He was a merchant, an elder in the Presbyterian church, and for two terms a member of the senate of Virginia. They had nine children, Sarah Miles, m. Samuel Kendrick, d. 1874; William A., b. Feb., 1825, a graduate, and three years a professor in Delaware College; he studied for the ministry and for many years was an active member of the Winchester Presbytery of Va.; m. 1857, Mrs. Elizabeth E. (Leche) Graham, widow of Rev. W. S. F. Graham, president of Delaware College. They bad three sons, Clarence G., William K., and Frank B., b. Nov. 15, 1864, a graduate of Washington and Lee University, and for ten years an instructor in the McDonough School near Baltimore, Md.; Anna E., d. 1862; Mary C., m. Charles T. Weston, d. 1864; Eleanor F., educated at Mt. Holyoke Seminary, Mass., m. 'Gen. Dash of California, m. *i86i, Dr. J. M. Brice- lands, d. Sept. 18, 1897; Janus Jameson, b. 1835, graduate of Delaware College, and of the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, Pa.; served in ^he Civil War four years, ist Lieut, in loth Va. Kegt., and assistant surgeon in the I3th Va. R'egt.; resumed practice of medicine in Strasburg, Va.; m. 1872, Emma G. Setzer, d. Jan. 17, 1895. As a citizen, physician, Christian and gentleman his life was most excellent." Robert IV., b. 1838, graduate from Delaware College, served through the war in the army, lieutenant in company A, ist Va. Cavalry, became a merchant; m. Nov. 2, 1870, Mary E. Kendrick, d. May 31, 1899; Henrietta A'., educated in Mt. Holyoke Seminary, Mass., resides in Strasburg, Va.; Virginia B., m. Oct. 31, 1877. Maj. Monroe Funkhouser, resides near Mt. Jackson, Va.
Mr. And Mrs. Brotherlin had two children: Ann E., b. 1815, m. 1833 > Mr. Grinold. He died about 1854. She m. 'Joel Searles, and resides, 1900, in Columbus, Ohio. Mary, b. 1817, m. Peter Campbell, d. 1880 ; they had no children.
References.—Memoir of Col. David Jameson, M. D., pp. 39, 40.

No. 447.
David Jameson * (Daviti1), son of David [444] and Elizabeth (Davis) Jarason, was born in York, Pa. He married Sarah Culbertson, daughter of Col. Robert Culbertson. They resided in Shippensburg, Pa., but removed to Franklinton, Ohio, where Dr. Jameson died about 1823. Mrs. Jameson died in 1824.

Andrew [457]. Eliza [461], m. l J.mus Arntentage
David [458!. Jane [462], m. James Adams; d. 1883.
Joseph [459]. Na.ncy [463], m. .Manning.
Robert [460].
Mr. Jameson became a physician and practised in Shippensburg, Pa., but prior to May 3, 1803, he removed to Franklinton, Ohio. He was one of the associate justices of the first court of common pleas, organized 1803, in Franklin Co., Ohio. .Mrs. Jameson was a daughter of his mother's third husband. Col. Robert Culbertson.
Mr. And Mrs. Akmentage resided in Columbus, Ohio, where he was born.
References.—Memoir of Col. David Jameson. M. D., pp. Jq, yo.

No. 448.
James * Jameson
(David1), son of David [444] and Elizabeth (Davis) Jameson, was born in 1771 in York, Pa. He married Elizabeth Myers, daughter of David and Mary (Sultzbaugh) Myers. She was born in East Berlin, Pa., where they resided. Dr. Jameson removed in 1809 to Allen- town, Pa., and died March 19, 1831. Mrs. Jameson died Oct. 14, 1805, in East Berlin, Pa.
Nancy [464], b. Feb. 7. 1798; m. 1814, Henry Afyeri; d. Feb. 23, 1878.
David [465], b. Dec., i8co; m. Catharine Carl; d. April 25, 1874.
Mr. Jameson became a physician and settled in Allentown, Pa. He was the principal owner of a chain bridge which spanned the Lehigh river at that place, and lie lived in a house near the bridge which was used as a toll-house.
Mrs. Jameson died when the children were quite young. The daughter married a nephew of her mother's father, i. e., a cousin of her mother.
References—Memoir of Col. David y.imeson, M. D., pp. jj, 41, j6, jt, 33.

No. 440.
Thomas * Jameson
(David1), son of David [444] and Elizabeth (Davis)
Jameson, was born in York, Pa. He married ' Halm. She was born
in York, Pa., where they resided. Mrs. Jameson died. Dr. Jameson married * Mrs. McClcllan.. They resided in York, Pa. Dr. Jameson died in 1838 in Baltimore, Md.
Thomas [466], d. 1868. Margaret [469].
Catherine [467], m. Daniel \Vtsrr. Emily [470].
Charlotte [468], m. Adam J Glossbreniur. Charles [471].
Dr. Jameson was appointed in 1804 physician to the county poor house hospital; elected coroner in 1808, holding the office until 1812, and again from 1816 until 1818, and was elected sheriff in Oct., 1821, and held the office until Oct., 1824.'

Mrs. McCLELLAM, whom Dr. Jameson married, was a widow lady with two children, — one became Dr. Henry McClellan of York, Pa., the other became Mrs. David Gushing of Baltimore, Md.
Charles Jameson, the only child of the second marriage, became a Methodist clergyman.

No. 450.
Horatio Gates* Jameson
(<Oaz"'</1). son of David [444] and Elizabeth (Davis) Jameson, was born in 1778 in York, Pa. He married Aug. 3, 1797, Catharine Snevell. She was born in Somerset, Pa. They resided in Somerset, Pa., Wheeling, Va., Adams Town, Pa., Gettysburg, Pa., and removed in 1810 to Baltimore, Md. Mrs. Catharine Jameson died Nov. 2, 1837. Dr. Jameson married 1852 *Mrs. Hannah J. D. (Pearson) Ely, daughter of Capt. Jesse Pearson, and widow of Judah Ely, Esq., of Baltimore, Md. She was born in 1804. Dr. Jameson died Aug. 26, 1855, in New York City. Mrs. Hannah Jameson died Aug. 17, 1884, in Baltimore, Md.
Cassandra [471], b. Aug. 10, 1798; m. May 17, 1832, Keo. William James Gibson; d. 1865.
Elizabeth [473], b. Feb. 20, 1801 ; m. Sept. 27, 1821, Kev. John Gibson; d. Nov. 9, 1855.
Rush [474]< b- *"eb. 20, 1803. He died in Columbia, Tex., Urc. 3, 1836.
Catharine [475], b. April 24, 1808; m. Jan. 27, 1876, Hubert J. Fisher; d. April 28, 1850.
Alexander Cobkau [476], b. April 9, 1810. He died in early manhood, May 3, 1835.
David Davis [477], b. April 24, 1812. He died in early life, Oct. 13, 1832.
Horatio Gates [478], b. Oct. i, 1815; m. 1841, Sarah 'McCollok Porter; d. Aug., 1865.

Horatio Gates Jameson.

Mr. Jameson studied medicine and became a very eminent physician. He practised for more than forty years in Baltimore, Md. He was the founder and president of the Washington Medical College of that city, and the first president of the Ohio Medical College in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Jameson was very celebrated for his surgical knowledge and skill. He won a wide reputation for his successful treatment of the cholera, which was epidenfic in 1832 in Philadelphia and in Baltimore. He wrote several medical books which were accepted as authority by the profession. Dr. Jameson spent some time with his family in Europe, and his distinguished learning and ability were recognized in the medical and surgical circles of the continent. He died while on a visit to New York city. Dr. Jameson left in manuscript a memoir of his distinguished father. Col. David Jameson, M. D., which has been printed but not published by his grandson, Gen. Horatio Gates Jameson Gibson, U. S. A., to which is added an interesting appendix of genealogy and memoranda. This appendix furnished the author of this volume much valuable data.

Mrs. Hannah Jameson survived her lamented husband nearly thirty years.
Capt. Fearson, Mrs. Jameson's father, was famous in the Revolutionary period as the commander of the privateer, Buccaneer, which was such a terror to the British mercantile shipping. Mrs. Jameson died at the age of eighty years, in Baltimore, Md., and the funeral service was held at the residence of Jesse F. Ely, Esq., an only son of her first marriage, at No. 147 Park avenue, and the burial was in St. Paul's cemetery.
Rush Jameson, Dr Jameson's oldest son, was born in Adams Town, Pa. He graduated from Washington Medical College, Baltimore, Md., and commenced practice in that city. But in March, 1835, he entered the service of the new formed Republic of Texas, and died there in less than a year.
Alexander C. Jameson, the second son, pursued a course of medical study, graduated from the same institution as his older brother, and entered upon professional practice in Baltimore, Md., where he died at the age of twenty-five years
David Davis Jameson, the next younger son, also graduated from the same college, and became a physician, but died at the age of twenty years, in Cliambersburg, Pa.
References.—Memoir of Col. David J-nueson. M. D., pf>. t, 43-45, 7/, 78, 79. Baltimore American, Aug. 19, 1884. Neva York Tribune, Aug. 79, 1884.

No. 451.
Cassandra Jameson
(David1), daughter of David [444] and Elizabeth (Davis) Jameson, was born in Pennsylvania. She married Mr, Culbertson. He was born in Zanesville, Ohio, where they resided.
The Children Were:
James. Jane.
Jameson. Emily.

Mr. Culbertson was a hatter by trade. He was a distant relative of Col. Robert Culbertson, whose son, James Culbertson, married Mrs. Culbertson's younger sister, Emily Jameson [453] -
James Culbektson, the oldest son, married and resided in Thornville, Ohio. He had several children, and became a prominent citizen, being sheriff of the county and a member of the state legislature.
Jameson Culbertson, the second son, married and resided in Zanesville, Ohio. He had two children. He was chosen and served as mayor of Zanesville, Ohio. Later he was a captain in an Ohio regiment in the War for the Union, and died in the hospital, Columbus, Ohio.
Jane Culbertson and her sister, Emily Culiieutson, were attractive young ladies, married, resided in Zanesville, Ohio, and had children.
References.— Memoir of Col. David Jameson, M. D.,pp. 41, 48.

No. 452.
Henrietta Jameson
(David1}, daughter of David [444] and Elizabeth (Davis) Jameson, was born in Pennsylvania. She married Feb. i, 1805, Arthur O 'ffara. They resided near Columbus, Ohio.
Jefferson. Louisa, m. James Rudisel.
Irwin, b. 1808. Elizabeth, m. Manuel Reed.
Horatio Gates.

Mr. O'hara was a large farmer and trader. His farm was on the Scioto river, south of Columbus, Ohio, near the present Greenlawn cemetery, adjoining the farm of Dr. David Jameson [447], and south of both was the farm of Col. Robert Cul- bertson [444].
References.—Memoir of Col. David Jamison, M. D.,pp. ft, 49,50,

No. 463.
Emily Jameson
(DaviJ1), daughter of David [444] and Elizabeth (Davis) Jameson, was born in Pennsylvania. She married James Culbertson, son of Col. Robert Culbertson. They resided in Columbus, Ohio, where Mr. Culbertson died in 1824. Mrs. Culbertson died many years later.
The Children Were:
John.' . Andrew.
David. Samuel, m. Ann Fltinnignn.
James. Elizabeth.
Hubert. Cassandra.

Mr. Culbertson was the second son of Col. Robert Culbertson, the third husband of his wife's mother. Mrs. Culbertson was the executrix of her husband's will and survived him many years.
References.—Memoir of Col. David Jameson, M. D., pp. 41, 46.

No. 454.
Rachel * Jameson
(David*}, daughter of David [444] and Elizabeth (Davis) Jameson, was born in 1790 in Shippensburg, Pa. She married
March 26,1814,Samuel 2?arr,son of John and (McCune) Barr. He was
born near Strasburg, Pa. They resided in Franklinton, Ohio. Mrs. Rachel Barr died July, 1824. Mr. Barr married July 4, 1826, Miss As/item, who died in 1849. He died March 21, 1853.
Keys Jameson, b. Jan. 25, 1815. He died in 1870.
JOHN, b. Oct. 21, 1816; m. March 12, 1882, Sarah Rachel Vaugkan. '
Elizabeth, b. Oct., 1819.
Henrietta, b. 1820. She died in 1851.
William McCuNE. He died in infancy.
Samuel. .He died in infancy.

Keys Jameson Bark, the oldest son, studied law and settled in its practice jn St. Genevieve, Mo.
John Bark graduated from college and was with his father in business in Alum Creek. His wife was a daughter of Capt. Vaughan of the British merchant marine. They had one child, Charlotte Elisabeth, who died in infancy, 1884.
References.—Memoir of Col. David Jameson, M. D.,pp. 46, 47,30.

No. 455.
Joseph * Jameson
(David1), son of David [444] and Elizabeth (Davis) Jameson, was born in Pennsylvania. He married Lydia Stewart. She was born in York, Pa. They resided in Columbus, Ohio, where they both died.
David [479]. He died in early life. Mary [483].
Joseph [480]. A Son [483].
Jane [481].

Mr. Jameson resided near the Scioto river, in Front street, not far from State street, Columbus, Ohio. He survived his brother. Dr. David Jameson, many years.
Joseph Jameson, the second son, removed to Illinois and was killed by the accidental discharge of a gun while hunting.
REFERENCES. —Memoir of Col. DaviJ Jameson, AI. D., pp. jj, 42.

No. 457.
Andrew* Jameson
(Davti*, David1'), son of David [447] and Sarah (Culbertson) Jameson, was born in Shippensburg, Pa. He married and resided in Columbus, Ohio, where Mr. and Mrs. Jameson both died.
The Children Were:
Irwin [484]. William [487].
David [483]. Eli/.aukth [488], m. Dr. While.
Frederick [486]. Maj.inua [489].

Mr. Jameson held several township offices, and was highly esteemed. David Jameson, the second son, won a wiger by jumping from a bridge over the Scioto river and escaped unhurt. An imitator, however, came to grief. William Jameson, the youngest son, resided in Texarkana, Tex. Dr. And Mrs. White, and the younger daughter, reside in Columbus, Ohio.
References.—Memoir of Col. David Jameson, Af. D., pp. jS, 6j.

No. 462.
Jane Jameson
(Daviii*, Daviil1) daughter of David [447] and Sarah (Culbertson) Jameson, was born in Shippensburg, Pa. She married James Adams. They resided in Columbus, where Mrs. Adams, having been a widow many years, died in 1883.
Elizabeth, m. Paul Gulches. Sarah Isahei.la.
William, m. —— Walkini. Mary Ellk.n, m. l James Moreton.
Joseph. Frank.

Joseph Adams settled in Galena, Ohio, and was postmaster of that place. Mr. And Mrs. McDoUGALL resided in Santa Barbara, Cal. The other children all resided in Columbus, Ohio.
Reference.—Memoir of Col. David Jameson, Af. D., f. 48.

No. 464.
Nancy* Jameson
(James-, DariJ1), daughter of James [448] and Elizabeth (Myers) Jameson, was born Feb. 7, 1798, in East Berlin, Pa. She married, 1814, Henry Myers, son of Jacob and Hannah Myers. He was born April i, 1791, in Reading, Adams Co., Pa. They resided in New Chester, Adams Co., Pa., where Mr. Myers died Feb. 29, 1868. Mrs. Myers died Feb. 23, 1878, in Gettysburg, Pa.
Jacob A., b. May 8, 1815; m. Oct. 6, 1840, Sarah Ann Deardorff, d. Sept. 3, 1866
Singleton, b. April 27, 1818. He died in early life Nov. 20, 1838.
Harry Jameson, b. Nov. 22, 1826; m. Oct. 21, 1863, Belinda At. Single.
Horatio Gates, b. Keb. 28, 1831; m. Sept. 24, 1856, Mary £. 'Milliken; d. Aug. 7,
1861. Ann Elizabeth Johnston, b. Aug. 17, 1833; m. June 16, 1853, lDr. Lewis Slmeciftr,
m. Feb. 18. 1864, *Jeise Waller.
David R., b. Sept. 20, 1838. He died in infancy, May 20, 1840.
William, b. Dec. 24, 1840. He died in childhood, Oct. 9, 1842.

Mr. Myers was an own cousin to his wife. Her parents died when she was a child, and she lived with her grandfather Myers' family. She died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Walter, in Gettysburg, Pa.
Harry Jameson Myers is a man of some distinction, living in Hanover, York Co., Pa. His wife is the daughter of David and Hannah (Winebrenner) Slagle. She was born Aug. 19, 1833, in Hanover. York Co., Pa., where they reside. They had five children, viz.: Charles, b. Jan. 28, 1865, d. Sept. 29, 1881 ; Robert Gates, b. May 14, 1866, d. June 16, 1866; J. Ross, b. June 30, 1867, m. Sept. 26, 1894, Emma Wirt Branitz; Henry Edward, b. Sept. 30, 1870, d. Nov. 23, 1873; Hauna Sorola, b. Sept. 23, 1874, d. May I, 1879.
Mr. And Mrs. J. Ross Myers reside in Roland Park, near Baltimore. Md. His place of business is No. 404 North street, in that city. They have two children: Christine, b. Aug. 18, 1895 ; Dorothy, b. March 6, 1898.

No. 466.
David Jameson
(James,'1 David1), son of James [448] and Elizabeth (Myers) Jameson, was born Dec. 25, 1800, in East Berlin, Pa. He married Catherine Carl, daughter of George and Catharine (Diller) Carl. They resided in Gettysburg, Pa. Mr. Jameson died April 25, 187*4, near New- Chester, Pa. Mrs. Jameson died Nov. i, 1873, in New Oxford, Pa.
Henry Myers [490], m. Skull.
AMELIA [491], m Joseph Leber.
NANCY [493], m. Louis Wares; d. 1862.
James Buchanan [493], b. Dec. II, 1830; m. ^Adaline Ramsey, m. ^Amanda A/yers, d.
Nov. 9. 1893.
Rush [494], b. April 2, 1833, m. 1860, Anna Catherine Roush, d. July II, 1873.
Eleanoka [495], b. 1836; m. May, 1859, Charles Sherman.

Mr. Jameson was a farmer and lived about a mile and a half from Gettysburg. Pa., and during the great battle there, his barn, which like his house was of brick, and the largest in the county, was used by the Confederates as a field hospital.
Henry Myers Jameson married his wife in Strasburg, Va., where they resided, and he died.
Joseph Leber, who married Amelia Jameson, was born in New Oxford, Pa., and is dead. There is a daughter, Fannie Leber, who married a Mr. Williams. They have a daughter Alena. They reside in Chicago, III. Harry Leber, a son, is married and lives on a farm in Munroe, Neb. His mother resides with him.
Louis Wares died in 1862, leaving three children, viz.: Sallie, Cecilia, and James.
Reference.—Memoir of Co!. David Jameson, M. D., p. jj.

No. 466.
Thomas Jameson
(Thomas? David1), son of Thomas [449] and
(Hahn) Jameson, was born in York, Pa. He married, and they resided in York, Pa., where Mr. Jameson died in 1863. Mrs. Jameson died in 1881.
George [496]. He died in 1863.
KATE A.S.NIE [497], m. George ft. Carman.

Mr. Jameson became sheriff of the county like his father, and colonel of the York militia. Pa., like his grandfather.
George Jameson was born in York, Pa. He went to Baltimore, Mel., and became a druggist. At the outbreak of the Rebellion he joined the Confederate army, and died in 1863, in Richmond, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. Carman resided in 1887, in Baltimore, Md. They had one child, a daughter.

No. 467.
Catherine3 Jameson
(Thomas? David1), daughter of Thomas [449]
and (Hahn) Jameson, was born in York, Pa. She married Daniel P.
Weiser. He was born in York, Pa., where they resided.
Gates J., m. F.lmira Breton; d. Oct., 1884. Oliver Perrv.
David W. Thomas Jamkshx.
Reference!).—Memoir of Col. David Jameson, M. D., pp. j6,37.

No. 468.
Charlotte* Jameson
(Thomas? David1), daughter of Thomas [449]
and (Hahn) Jameson, was born in York, Pa. She married Adam J.
Glossbrenner. They resided in Philadelphia, Pa., where Mr. Glossbrenner died in 1887. Mrs. Glossbrenner died since 1874.
The Children Were:
Emily. Mary.
Jameson C., d. 1868. Ivan, m. Annie Hants.

Mr. Glossbrenner held the position of sergeant-at-arms in the House of Representatives, Washington, D C., and his older son was page.
Ivan Glossbrenner, the younger son, is employed in the First National Hank, of York, Pa. He has four children, viz.: Lottie L., Attain J., Emily .)/., Magdalene.
Reference.—Memoir of Co'.. David Jameson, M. D., p. .,-7.

No. 472.
Cassandra* Jameson
(Horatio Gates? David*-}, daughter of Horatio Gates [450] and Catherine (Shevell) Jameson, was born Aug. 10, 1798, in Somerset, Pa. She married May 17, 1832, Rev. William James Gibson, son of Rev. William and Rebecca (Mitchell) Gibson. He was born in 1808, in Ryegate, Vt. They resided in Philadelphia, Pa., where Mrs. Cassandra Gibson died April 29, 1865. Rev. Mr. Gibson married, 1867, ^Elizabeth Murray, and died Oct. 3, 1883, in Duncansville, Pa.
Horatio Gates Jameson, b. Jan. 2, 1834. He died in infancy, Jan. 27, 1835.
Katharine Rebecca, b. Nov. 28, 1838; m. July 5, 1870, George Maze.
Mary Jane, b. Nov. 28,1838. She died in infancy Dec. 12, 1836.
Cassandra Jameson, b. March 8, 18-38. She died Oct. 14, 1879.
Robert, b. April 7. 1839; m. Sept. it, 1862, ; d. July 2, 1865.
William James, b. Dec. 3, 1840. He died Jan. 22, 1870.

Rev. Mr. Gibson had two sons by the second marriage, Robert and William,
Mr. Maze, who married the oldest daughter, was a widower with three children. He was a Chicago merchant living in Wheaton, 111. Later they resided in Carroll, Iowa. They had one son, Edward Nesbit, who died in infancy.
Robert Gibson, the older son, was graduated from the College of Pharmacy, and from the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia. Pa. He married and had one child, Clutherine Roberts, and died in Philadelphia, Pa.
William James Gibson, the younger son, graduated from Jefferson College, Cannonsburg, Pa., studied law with Hon. George M. Dallas, Jr., and Hon. William A. Porter, of Philadelphia, Pa., was admitted to the bar and commenced practice in that city, but his health failing he removed to Minneapolis, Minn., where he died at the age of thirty years.
Reference.- -Memoir of Col, David Jameson, M. D., p. S9-

No. 473.
Elizabeth* Jameson
(Horatio Gates* David1), daughter of Horatio Gates [450] and Catherine (Shevell) Jameson, was born Feb. 20, 1801, in Wheeling, Va. She married Sept. 27, 1821, Rev. John Gibson, son of Rev. William and Rebecca (Mitchell) Gibson. He was born 1790, in' Ireland. They resided in Baltimore, Md., until 1837, and afterward in York, Pa., in Frederick, and again in Baltimore, Md.
Rev. Mr. Gibson died June 2, 1869, in Duncansville, Pa. Mrs. Gibson died Nov. 9, 1855, in York, Pa.
Margaretta Rebecca M., b. March 16, 1823; m. 1844, Hiram Sekittler; d. Feb. 21, 1879.
William, b. May 15. 1825; m. Dec. 26, 1868, Mary Murray Addison; d. Oct. 23, 1887.
Horatio Gates Jameson, b. May 22, 1827; m. March 16, 1863, Mrs. Harriet L. Atkinson..
John, b. April 17, 1824; m. June 22, 1865, Helen Packard; d. July 6, 1890.
Roiiert, b. Aug. 14, 1831. He died Dec. 10, 1861.
William, Catiiakink, and Twins who died in infancy.

Mr. Gibson when a lad of seven years' crossed the ocean, with his father, to America. He was educated for the ministry, and became a clergyman of the I Reformed Presbyterian church. He possessed a large measure of intellectual ability and was distinguished as a gifted and eloquent preacher. Old Covenanters from Vermont to the Carolinas, from Maryland to the Mississippi, loved, admired, and honored him.
Besides ministering to his congregation, he had in charge for some years a large classical school. He was devoted to his work as a minister, and as a teacher of his people -'from youth to hoary age." He passed away at the age of nearly fourscore years.
Mrs. Gibson was quite celebrated for her personal beauty. It was conceded in her day that the palm of beauty belonged to the Baltimore belief, "and there were two Elizabeths that gave Baltimore its prestige of beauty, Elizabeth Jameson and Elizabath Patterson."

Mrs. Schissler, the daughter, was the mother of two girls, one of whom married James H. Hopkins, Esq., a lawyer of distinction, a bank president, and a member of congress, and the other married Frederick J. Nelson, Esq.. a lawyer of Frederick, Md.. for many years; a candidate for congress, and prominently named for the position of attorney-general of the state.
William Gibson, the oldest son, was distinguished as a commander in the United States Navy, and was also gifted as a poet.
Horatio Gates Jameson Gibson, the second son, and in 1900 p~ -- . the only survivor of his father's family, is a retired officer of the United States Army.
John Gibson, the third son, was a prominent lawyer and judge now deceased, in York, Pa.
Robert Fisher Gibson, Esq., a son of Hon. John Gibson, is the popular mayor, 1900, of the city of York, Pa. He has a brother, John Edwin, Esq., of Chicago, III., and a sister, Charlotte Packard, of York, Pa., where their mother resides.
Robert Gibson, the youngest son of Rev. John and Elizabeth Gibson, was a brave officer and died in a cause which he believed to be just.
Horatio Gates Jameson Gibson, son of Rev. John and Elizabeth Jameson Gibson, was born in Baltimore, Md. His early school days were passed in his native city, in Philadelphia, and in York, Pa. He was appointed March 8, 1843, a cadet at West Point, from the York, Pa., congressional district, reported there June 13, 1843. graduated June 23, 1847, and made 2d lieutenant of Second artillery, Sept. 8, 1847. He served in Mexico, made a voyage to the Hawaiian Islands, was on duty as aide-de-camp to General Riley in California, and was made first lieutenant of Third artillery, May 26, 1851. During the next ten years he was almost continually in service on the Western frontier, and was severely wounded Nov. i, 1855, in a battle with the Oregon Indians. Three years later he was regimental quartermaster, and made captain of Third artillery, May 14, 1861. He served during the War for the Union, and was in the Siege of Yorktown, the battles of Williamsburg, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and many others. He was brevetted major. May 6, 1862, for gallant and meritorious conduct at the Battle of Williamsburg, Va , and Sept. 17, 1862, he was made brevet lieutenant-colonel for gallant and meritorious service at the battle of Antietam, Md. He was made lieutenant-colonel Second Ohio Heavy Artillery Volunteers, Aug. I, 1863; colonel of Third Ohio Heavy Artillery Volunteers, Aug. 15, 1863, and served with it until Aug. 12, 1865. He was made brevet colonel and brevet brigadier-general, U. S. volunteers, March 13, 1865, for valiant and meritorious conduct during the war, and was mustered out of the volunteer service Aug. 23, 1865. He became major of the Third artillery, Feb. 5, 1867 ; lieutenant-colonel of the Second artillery, April 19. 1882, and colonel of the Third artillery, Dec., 1883, in the U. S. A. He was on duty in command of Washington Barracks, D. C., from June 8, 1885, to his retirement from active service, May 22, 1891. Since then General Gibson has resided in Washington, D. C., and has been called upon to take in command American troops on various occasions, as at Gettysburg, July, 1888, and the Capital Centennial Celebration, Sept. 18, 1896.
General Gibson, a young cadet at West Point, was regarded as the handsomest man in his class, and in later life he has been described as follows:
'General Gibson is a fine, soldierly appearing officer, well proportioned and straight as an arrow. He has a bright eye, massive forehead, a straight nose, and a mouth indicative of firmness. He has a genial way about him that wins confidence after a short acquaintance. His record is filled with creditable achievements."
General Gibson married Mrs. Atkinson in St. Louis. Mo. She was the daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Houston) Walker, and widow of Edward Graham Atkinson. They had five children, viz.: Annie, b. Dec. 12. 1863, d. Feb. 26, 1876; Horatio Gates Jamtftm, b. Oct. 31, 1865; Catherine Fisher, b. Sept. u; 1867; Agtm, b. June 13. 1869; Henry Kendrick, b. Jan. 31, 1876.
Mrs. Atkinson had by her first marriage three children, viz.: Henry, b. Jan. 29, 1855, d. July 9, 1856; Mary Houston, b. Jan. 8, 1857; Benjamin Walker, b. Jan. 2. 1859.
References.—Afrmoir of Col. David Jameton, M. D.,pp. 52, 33, 39-6*, 6q-j8, 8<)-rit>. Citllom's Kegitter, Number rjf;. Tht National Republican, Washington, D. C., 1883. Jamt- ifn't Dictionary of United States Hiitory, pp. *), ?rj

No. 476.
1 Jameson (Horatio Gates* David*), daughter of Horatio Gates [450] and Catherine (Shevell) Jameson, was born April 34, 1808, in Gettysburg, Pa. She married Jan. 27, 1836, Robert Strettle Jones Fisher, son of Hon. George and Anne (Shippen) Fisher. He was born May 6, 1806, in Harrisburg, Pa. They resided in York, Pa., where Mrs. Fisher died April 28, 1850. Mr. Fisher married Sept. 19, 1853, *Mary Sophie Cad- well, and died April 25, 1888.
George, b. Sept. rj, 1836; m. 1874, Mary Barry.
Catherine, b. Dec 14, 1837; m. July 2, 1867. Jamts M. Marshall; d. Jan. 17, 1885.
Emily Shevell, b. June 6, 1844.
Anna Helen, m. Jamei W. Latimer.
Robert Strettle Jones, b. July 25, 1847; m. Feb. 7, 1876, Harriets. Tyler.
Annie. She died in infancy.
Hei.kn Campbfll. She died in infancy.
Daviu Alexander. He died in infancy, April, 1850.

Mr. Fisher's great great grandfather Fisher was one of the original company of Quakers who with William Penn, in 1662, founded the city of Philadelphia, Pa.
George Fisher, the eldest son, was born in York, Pa. He was educated in Northampton, Mass., studied law with his father, was admitted to the bar, and has practiced law since in his native place. Mrs. Fisher was a daughter of Robert Harry, Esq., a brilliant lawyer of Baltimore, Md. They had five children, viz : Helen; Catherine Jameson; Robert Barry \ Mary, died in infancy; and twins, Maud and Emily Shevell. Address, No. 2037 No. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md.
Mr. And Mrs. Marshall had six children, viz.: Kilty Fisher Ellen Miles; Nannie Helen; Robert; Thomas Alexander, and Emilie Shtvell, the last three died in infancy.
Mr. Marshall was a son of Thomas A. Marshall, Esq., of Illinois. He had quite a military record. After Mrs. Marshall's death he married Dec. 31, 1885, Mrs. M. Kathleen Jones, net Johnson of St. Paul, Minn.
Mr. And Mrs. Latimer had three children, viz.: Catherine Jameson, Janet Cathcart, and Emily Shevell.
Mr. Latimer was a son of James B. Latimer, Esq., and grandson of the Rev. Robert Cathcart, D. D., of the Presbyterian church. He was for many years a prominent lawyer and citizen of York, Pa., and elected Nov., 1885, one of the law judges of the igth judicial district of Pennsylvania. He died in 1899.
Robert S. J. Fisher, the second son, was educated in the Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa., studied law with his father and in the Albany Law School, was admitted to the bar of York Co., removed to Chicago where he practised his profession. He was appointed, in 1875, examiner i
n the patent office, Washington, D. C., and, in 1883, promoted by President Arthur, examiner-in-chief of that office.
Mrs. Fisher was a daughter of Benoni and Lucy (Burrington) Tyler, of Wilmington, Vt. They have no children.
Mr. Robert S. J. Fisher resides, 1899, No. 1915 Kalerama avenue; office. No. 614 F street, N. W., Washington, D. C.
K F.fkrknces.—Mt»ioir of Col. David J.imtson, M. D., //. jJ-JJ, 63.

No. 478.
Horatio Gates" Jameson
(Horatio Gates;1ZW/V/1), son of Horatio Gates [450] and Catharine (Shevell) Jameson, was horn Oct. 1, 1815, in Baltimore, Md. He married, 1841, Sarah McCulloh Porter, daughter of William and Mary (Pannell) Porter. She was born in Baltimore, Md. They resided in Baltimore, Md., and Mt. Washington, Md., where Dr. Jameson died Aug., 1865. Mrs. Jameson died in 1865.
Their only child: Kate [498]. She died in infancy.

Mr. Jameson graduated, in 1836, from the Ohio Medical College, practised medicine in Cincinnati, Ohio, Baltimore, and in Church Hill, Md. Mrs. Jameson was first cousin of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of President Lincoln. Mr. and Airs. Jameson died within a few weeks of each other.
They were lovely in their life and in their death they were not divided.'1''

No. 493.
James Buchanan
* Jameson (David* James,1Z?,/r/V/'), son of David [465] and Catharine (Carl) Jameson, was born Dec. u, 1830, near Gettysburg, Pa. He married l Adaline Ramsey, who died prior to 1874; Mr. Jameson married Jan. 29, 1874, * Amanda Myers, daughter of Henry Myers. She was born in Hanover, Pa. They resided on Lake Como, near \Velaka, F!a. Mr. Jameson died Nov. 9, 1893. Mrs. Jameson died Oct., 1893.
Rush [499]. b. prior to 1872." He died in early manhood.
Clara [500], b. prior to 1874. She died young.

Mr. Jameson was ist Lieut. Union Light Guards, and on the staff of Gov. David Todd, of Ohio. When Lincoln, became president. Lieut. Johnson received a captain's commission, and was made officer in command of President Lincoln's escort, part of the 7th Ohio calvary. He was with President Lincoln when assassinated, and later was commander of the escort of President Johnson. In 1887 he was stationed at the Washington barracks.
Mrs. Lincoln presented Capt. Jameson with a cane carved out of orange wood, an exquisitely elaborate piece of workmanship, for which he refused an offer of five hundred dollars.
Capt. Jameson had a fine house on the banks of the beautiful Lake Como, in Florida. In 1893, leaving his wife there he went to the World's fair in Chicago, on the way back he visited Mrs. Jameson's sister and friends in Hanover, Pa., and while there received a despatch calling him immediately to his home in Florida. What was his surprise and horror to find that his wife had been robbed and murdered, and the house burned down to conceal the crime. The poor husband was so overcome that he himself died in two weeks after he reached Florida.

No. 404.
Rush  Jameson
(David* James* David1), son 'of David [465] and Catharine (Carl) Jameson, was born April 2, 1833, near Gettysburg, Pa. He married, 1860, Anna Catherine Roush, daughter of George and Leah (Peffer) Roush. She was born July 8, 1836, in Barnitz, Pa. They resided in Carlisle, Pa, where Mr. Jameson died July n, 1872.
Harry Myers [501], b. March 8, 1862; m. Sept. 13, 1885. Alia E. Yahst. '

Mr. Jameson when a young man commenced his mercantile life by running a notion wagon through Cumberland and Adams counties, Pa., and later established himself in trade in Carlisle, Pa. When the war broke out in 1861* he removed his goods to Philadelphia, Pa., and opened a large wholesale notion house, which he ran until his health failed, when he sold out his store and became a partner with Messrs. Kellogg and Pease of Philadelphia. But in 1871 he disposed of all his interests and removed to Carlisle, Pa., where a year later he died.
Mrs. Jameson resides with her son. No. 547 South Hanover St., in Carlisle, Pa.

No. 405.
Eleanora' Jameson
(David? James? Daviti1), daughter of David [465] and Catharine (Carl) Jameson, was born in 1836, near Gettysburg, Pa. She married, 1859, Charles Sherman. He was born in New Oxford, Pa. They reside in Audenried, Pa.
Annie, m. Prof. J. L. Polteiger. Nellie Kate, m. A'icJiolas Holman.
William Tkcumseii. Three Sons died in infancy.
Charles Meade, b. 1863, d. Oct., 1897.

Mr. Sherman is a contractor and builder.
Mr. and Mrs. Potteiger have three children, viz.: Raymond, b. 1887; Helen, b. 1889, and Grace, b. 1891. Mr. Potteiger is assistant clerk of the Orphans' Court. Luzerne Co., Pa. They reside in Wilkesbarre, Pa.
Mr. William T. Sherman resides in Minersville, Pa., and is connected with a coal company in that place. He has one son, Donald.
Charles M. Sherman married and resided in Audenried, Pa., where he died. There were three sons, viz.: Harold A., Leonard C., and ll'illiaui J/. The latter died since his father's decease.
Mr. and Mrs. Holman reside in Hazleton, Pa. They have two surviving children, viz.: Allen II'. and Charles Sherman. Mr. Holman is the proprietor of a store and meat market.
Reference.—Memoir of Col. David Jameson, M. /?.,/>. jo.

No. 501.
Harry Myers Jameson
(Rush* David,1 James? Darid'), son of Rush [494] and Anna Catherine (Roush) Jameson. He was born March 8, 1862, in Carlisle, Pa. He married Sept. 13, 1885, Alice E. Yo/ist, daughter of Levi and Catharine R. (Still) Yohst. She was born May 10, 1866, in Mount Holly Springs, Pa. They reside at No. 547 South Hanover St., Carlisle, Pa.
Anna Louise [503], b. April 16, 1892.




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