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Albion B. Jameson---A.B. Jameson

 Albion B. Jameson (son of Daniel Jamison, brother of Benjamin Jamison)

CAPTAIN Albion B. JAMESON, civil service, Washington, D. C., was born in Schuylkill County, Penn., August 23, 1836, in the family of nine children born to Judith and Daniel JAMISON, [footnote: As spelled by Capt. Jameson's father; correct spelling, however, is Jameson.] eight of whom were living at the time of this first writing (edit), four sons having given their services to the cause of the Union during the war of the Rebellion. The father removed with his family to Columbia County in 1839 and established the hotel known as "The Halfway House," between Bloomsburg and Berwick on the Susquehanna. This hotel was but short lived, however, to Daniel JAMISON, for, having connected himself with the Methodist Church in 1842, he abandoned the business which included a very profitable tavern.

Albion attended the public schools until he was sixteen years of age, and then left his home to battle for himself with the realities of life. Later he secured about two years' schooling at Dickinson Seminary and the academy at New Columbus; then taught a district school one year. April 21, 1862, Mr. JAMESON enlisted in Company A, Sixth Pennsylvania Reserves; was commissioned first lieutenant September 21, 1862, and breveted captain United States Volunteers at the battle of the Wilderness. At the battle of Antietam he received a contused wound of the knee joint, on account of which disability he was appointed acting quartermaster of the regiment, in which capacity he served during the last year of his service. After serving the full term of his enlistment (three years), Capt. JAMESON left the army a cripple, and had, therefore, to accept a high position in the civil service (Office of the First Auditor, U.S. Treasury Department).

Upon President Lincoln's assasination he joined and helped organize The Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS). He also commenced the study of medicine, in which he graduated from the University of Georgetown, D. C., Medical Department, March 5, 1867. Capt. JAMESON takes pride in the fact that he has assisted in the adjustment of the accounts of the interest on the public debt; redemption of Government securities; funding and refunding of national loans caused by the war of the Rebellion, involving millions on millions in amounts passed upon, requiring fidelity to the Government and honesty and care in the settlements; and it can be truly said of him, without adulation, that he has always held the confidence of those under whom and with whom he has served in any capacity. Reared in the Calvinistic faith by consistent orthodox parents, our subject has had engrafted on him Christianizing influences. In mature years, however, not being able to subscribe to the iron-bound creeds and dogmas as advanced by Calvin, he sought what he considered the more liberal, larger and broader faith, and became united with the Unitarian Church. Albion became a well known member of the Cosmos club in Washington D.C.

Also see: (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Bloomsburg, pg. 345 for the unedited version of the above without annotations) For a Civil War record of Albion and his brother Benjamin F. Jamison, click here.