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The George C. Duke (Braud / Breaux) Family Connection

(Ed. note: Pierre Rosemond Braud of Baton Rouge, Louisiana had a son, Victor Deonise Braud, who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War and was captured by Union soldiers after the battle of Gettysburg. After the war and his release, the son settled in Pennsylvania and took the name George C. Duke, hence this family line has 2 surnames.)

George Duke aka Victor Deonise Braud

George Duke a/k/a Victor Deonise Braud and family
(females subsequently married into Rhodes, Taylor, Deibler & Brader families)

Top Row (left to right)

  1. J. Edward Duke
  2. Elizabeth Adele Duke Rhodes (mother of Harwood Rhodes)
  3. William (Willis) Duke

Second Row

  1. George C Duke (aka Victor Deonise Braud/Breaux)*
  2. Benjamin Calvin Duke (father of Ben C. Duke, Jr. and Ruth E. Duke/ Jameson)
  3. Jemima Sarah Duke Price (wife of George C. Duke)

Third Row

  • Rosalie Duke Deibler**
  • Edna Duke Taylor (mother of Frank Taylor)
  • Laura Blanche Duke Brader***


* George C Duke / Victor Deonise Braud - Birth 7 Mar 1846 in Baton Rouge, LA; Death 4 Jan 1923 in Berwick, Columbia County, Pennsylvania


** Rosie Duke Deibler had two sons, Donald and David Paul. Both of them lived down around Harrisburg. Donald married but had no offspring. David Paul Deibler married Pauline Drothler (sister of Elsie Drothler Beck, wife of Harold Beck and mother of Bonnie (BHS-Berwick High School- '64), Harold Jr (BHS '65) and Sharon (BHS '68) Beck. He is now deceased but had at least three sons, David Michael Deibler (who had several children, among which were Lisa Marie Deibler and Michael David Deibler who married Kathleen Pittinger), James Deibler and Richard Deibler..

    Michael David Deibler had one sister, Lisa Marie Deibler.

Elizabeth Adele Duke married Jason Rhodes. Jason Rhodes’ father’s name was Jeremiah. Jerry as he was known spelled his name “Rhoades” and at other times “Rhoads”? His wife had quite a moniker… Keziah Maud Fahringer.   Jeremiah went by “Jerry” even on census records. Keziah’s father was Henry Fahringer and his father was Harmon Fahringer , who was born in 1775 in Lorraine, France, moved to Pennsylvania where he died..  Supposedly his father, Hans Fahringer, was born in Germany.

  The mother of Jemima Duke Price was Mary Callear Bowen Price who had one sister, Elizabeth Bowen.  Mary Bowen Price's mother was Elizabeth Callear Bowen.  Jemima's father was Thomas Price from Wales who settled in the Pittston, PA area.


*** Laura Blanche Duke born August 10,1894, and died in December 1974. Married  Lee Brader who was born on December 18, 1894 and died in February 1973. They were married October 20th, 1917 in Harrisburg, PA.

Two children:
- Lorraine (Junie) born June 14 ,1918 and died in Las Vegas , December 1, 1995. Two marriages (A Derr from the Berwick, PA area and Louis Berry from Las Vegas) and there were  two children:  Greg Berry and Linda Damico  (step)

- Dorothy born October 23, 1927 and married Art Maurer,  born February 4, 1924. Married May 17, 1946.  They resided outside Augusta , GA in Hepzibah. 




                   -  FROM BATON ROUGE, LA. TO BERWICK, PA. -

             1862 - 1865

                                          By Dr. Benjamin Duke


Click here to see Lincoln's cane given to Captain Jameson

Benjamin C. Duke (Sr.)Benjamin C. Duke (Sr.) and hunting party

Benjamin C. Duke, Sr.
(left and top right in hunting party)


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