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J. Paul Jameson


Jay Paul Jameson ( son of Albion B. Jameson, brother of May (Mae) Bryant Jameson )

U.S. Consular Service

1907  • Washington, District of Columbia, USA


State Department Biography - Jameson, Jay Paul.— Born in Washington. D. C, November 3, 1883; home, Washington; attended public and private schools; graduate of Dickinson College (Ph. B.) 1907, ;

- stenographer and typewriter 1907; appointed, after ex- amination (August 4, 1907), Student Interpreter in China August 27, 1907;

- appointed Deputy Consul General and Interpreter at Shanghai November i, 1909; Vice and Deputy Consul General April 2";. 1910; served as Junior Assessor, Mixed Court. Shanghai;

- Vice and Deputy Consul-General and Interpreter at Hankow December 2, 1911;

- Consul at Aniung May 5, 1914; Consul of class eight by act approved February 5, 1915:

- Consul of class six June 8, 1915. and assigned to Nanking;

- detailed for special duty in Russia and Siberia May 1, 1918 ***;

- appointed Consul of class five Septtmber 5, 1919; detailed to the Department of Slate June 12, 1920;

- Expert assistant. Conference on the Limitation of Armament, November 3. 1921; appointed Consul of class four November 23, 1921;

- resigned March 15, 1922 and appointed a drafting officer at $3,500 in the Department of State March 16, 1923.


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Negotiate possible truce between the red and white armies of Russia and assist Chinese businessmen plus relief of train being held captive. Returned to U.S. (or China?) Dec. 1918 per diplomatic passport.

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AMERICAN CHILD SLAIN BY CHINESE; Bandits Ill-Treating Missionaries Whom They Captured at Tsao-Yang.


PEKING, Oct. 2. -- The American Legation here has received a report from J. Paul Jameson, Vice Consul Genera at Shanghai, stating that an American child had been killed and that other foreigners are being maltreated by Chinese brigands at Tsao-Yang. 

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J. Paul Jameson passport---passport


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 Jameson, Jay Paul (b. 1883) — also known as J. Paul Jameson — of Washington, D.C. Born in Washington, D.C., November 3, 1883. ; U.S. Deputy Consul General in Shanghai, 1909-10; U.S. Vice & Deputy Consul General in Shanghai, 1910-11; Hankow, 1914; U.S. Consul in Nanking, 1915-17.Burial location unknown.