Jameson Family Photo Gallery No. 3

The below photographs are taken from the family histories and archives of the Jameson - Duke - families. Please see the ancestry, family tree, and genealogical research links to see the relationship between those depicted.


George Duke family
George Duke (aka Victor Braud / Breaux) Family

Benjamin Duke, Sr.
Benjamin C. Duke, Sr.

Ada Duke Bower

Adah Duke Bower (wife of Benjamin Duke, Sr.)

Ruth E. Duke

Ruth E. Duke (daughter of Ben and Adah Duke)

Ruth E. Duke

Ruth E. Duke

Ben Duke, Sr.

Benjamin Duke, Sr.
(upper right, with striped sweater, father of Ruth E. Duke)

Ben and June Duke
Dr. Benjamin C. Duke, Jr. and wife June

Tobias Henry family

Tobias and Minerva Henry

Tobias and Drucilla Henry

Clyde Jamison

Clyde Jamison - KIA in China

Jay Paul Jameson

Jay Paul Jameson (aka J. Paul Jameson) - Consul General in Nanking, China , 1915-1917, (son of Albion B. Jameson)






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